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Special Collections & Archives

Where the past and present meet: The mission of the Fredericksburg Circuit Court Archive is to collect, preserve, and make available the court records that document the rich history of this city and cultivate the relationships that tie them to the present.

Per §§ 42.1-86.1.B and 17.1-213.A of the Code of Virginia, public records created before 1913 are considered historically valuable and will be maintained in perpetuity by the Fredericksburg Circuit Court Archive.

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Since its founding, as many as ten different courts sat in Fredericksburg. Until its incorporation as a town in 1782, the Fredericksburg Courthouse served as the courthouse for Spotsylvania County, of which Fredericksburg was then a part. Starting in 1782, the Fredericksburg Courthouse was the site of the Fredericksburg Hustings Court, which continued until 1879 when that court was renamed the Corporation Court (coinciding with Fredericksburg’s newly declared status as an independent city.) Due to a lack of space at the Spotsylvania Courthouse, the Fredericksburg Courthouse was also home to the Spotsylvania District Court and the series of Superior Courts which preceded the creation of the Circuit Court.

Disclaimer: please note that pursuant to §54.1-3904 of the Code of Virginia, Circuit Court employees are prohibited by law from giving legal advice.